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Conscious uncoupling. An better way to get a divorce.

In our society, 50 to 60 percent of couples divorce. This a statistic hasn't changed much over the last couple of decades.  Conscious uncoupling or conscious divorce is becoming more common than ever before.   Divorce can be emotionally, spiritually and financially devastating to everyone involved. In our culture we have many support systems in place for getting engaged and for the marriage ceremony itself, but it is not the same for divorce. . But when we end our relationship they tip toe around us, give us unsolicited advice, leave us to grieve alone, or take us out to get us drunk.

Divorce Vultures

A former client recently sent the following email to me. This is an example of why I am on a mission to carry the message that there is a better way to go through the process of divorce.

As it's Halloween, let's call "temporary" loan modifications what they are - a trick.

Lender Fraud

Do not allow lender fraud. Do not be taken by banks saying that they will modify your mortgage after final judgement of foreclosure. It cannot be done that way.

After Foreclosure, Protect Yourself From Improper Garnishments

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported that some desperate homeowners are running into a shocking debt collection tactic even after losing their homes to foreclosure. Some banks are coming after them for deficiency payments -- and garnishing desperately needed income from exempt sources like Supplemental Security Income benefits.

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