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This company is a fraud they market under differnt names from amazon, sears, and toyz I bought from sears thinking I was purchasing directtly from sears only to find out later after my item never shipped it was not from sears at all but from a third party vendor action packed.. they are impossible to contact none of the phone numbers listed work they do not have aemail you can contact. I finally contacted them from another of their fake sites and got one response where they tried to tell me ups was the problem when I responded back with a copy of my transcribt from UPS which stated they had only made a shipping lable and the package had never been bought to ups from shipping .they do not respond they also tried to double charge me but one CC company tuened down the charge.. I am hoping I get my $150 back sears is at least trying to help resolve this


Name: Action Packaged, Inc

Country: United States

State: Massachusetts

City: Jamaica Plain

Address: 456 Pond St

Phone: (617) 427-9306


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By Tucker

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