Complaint: I reached my minimum requirement for the week and then all of a sudden I get a message that my account has been temporarily suspended. I emailed Katie at [email protected] asking why all of a sudden I was suspended when I had just received a message a few days ago that I was doing great. I get no response from her. I try loggin in this morning and now my login is no longer valid. I once again email her again asking for an explanation and I get NO ANSWER. The silence from this company with no explanation as to why the account was disbaled tells me this is definitely a scam. I beleive the other reviews from people who say they work there are fake. A succesful legit company does not operate like this. I followed all the guuidelines which is not hard and I was told my messages were good and then just like that I am no longer able to login so I am sure I will not be getting paid the money I earned. I should of steered clear when I realized there were no reviews for this company and they only reviews I found were negative. STAY AWAY they are not legit!

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By Tucker

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