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Allen Hash in Elk Creek Virginia tries to establish himself as a man of decent character by telling women he is leader of a Army Reserve Unit in Galax Virgina and a law enforcement officer for DMV in Bland Virginia and a part-time postal carrier. Then he plays victim to an unhappy marriage with his wife Brenda begs for a shoulder to cry on. All the while leading up to his explanation of his long standing separation from Brenda and how she left him and his son away from him and why he has technically remained married for all these separated years but only on paper. Then he tells of Brenda’s infidelities and how heartbroken he has been right before he starts trying to convince women to “hook up” with him. Then he sends nude photos of himself but doesn’t even have enough respect for his wife to make sure her photo isn’t glaring in his pic from his dresser mirror. Pictures of he and his wife still on his Facebook page which he blames on her for not being able to let go. He tells women if not for his son he would have gotten divorced but he cares so much. Right, cares so much he is out chatting up women for sex and sending nude photos of himself. His wife apparently used to his cheating ways is on him fast and puts everything on Facebook indicating he is a repeat offender. This man went as far as to tell me how boring and unsatisfying he found sex with his wife, Brenda, and how he didn’t want any type relationship with her when all the while she is apparently right there unsuspecting and trying to put up with him. Wow! Luckily I saw through his lies before I was in too deep. Ladies beware! To his wife… don’t put up with that disrespect.

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  • It is quite clear who may have submitted this . Angela Vipperman Parks Combs Funk Hall Rose. She is just mad that she couldn’t add Hash to her collection of last names. What type of business owner uses information she obtained from a customer to break up a marriage and then blame it all on me. I will tell you what type of business owner ANGELA ……………Rose. She is not happy unless she is stirring the pot, trying to cause drama every where she goes. She chased after me and when I got tired of the chase she got her feelings hurt. She wants to tell people about photos that were sent to her.. what about the photos sent sent to me and my job. She is a psycho! A drama stirring lying piece of as*. She was used and when she was used up she couldn’t handle it

By Tucker

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