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I was online looking for a locksmith to repair the damage to my door. I call out 24/7locksmith which is American locksmith who send a technician out to replace the locks. When the tech started to take the locks off the door he gave me a estimate of 220.00 to change the locks on the door. After my old locks came off the tech said I need a deposit which I gave him half of the money 120.00 He said he didn’t have all tools. So he went to his car to see if he had the locks there if not then he would have to order the part which will be the next day . When the tech came back to the apartment he had one of the maintenance man who work on property asking him for help to replace the locks. I ended up having to pay the maintenance man to repair my door and the tech did not give me back my deposit of 120 00. He didn’t do the job. American Locksmith is ripoff. Do not use there service.


Name: American Locksmiths

Country: United States

State: Missouri

City: Brentwood

Address: 8619 Manchester Rd

Phone: 314-961-2444


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By Tucker

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