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Complaint: Anytime profits goes to great links to attract you in and promises you a good income if you do it right per their instructions. I did as they instructed and followed to the t. This was in 2013 , I paid them their charge for services and after 14 months i noticed that the pay links for me to click better in 3 of the 4 sites on some 20 software products are missing. I sent many support tickets trying to get it corrected. Nothing only run around. They have now removed access for me to even open up the sites and i can not even send them a support ticket the normal way. You need to really think about doing business with this company as they are still up and running as if nothing happen. Beware this could happen to you also the one site that had the pay links correct, now has them being removed just after i started to complain on these 3 incorrect sites.

Tags: Online Business

Address: Internet USA


Phone: 3072128010

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By Tucker

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