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Autofair Honda Sold me a new car with bad tires, bad service Manchester, New Hampshire!!. Although Jon my service guy was very nice and polite, he didn’t seem able to have the power or ability to actually help me with the service my car required. I had explained to them about the loud grinding noise I was hearing from the back tires even before they started to wear down and it may possibly be the bearings or a defective alignment when I bought the vehicle. They said they would do an inspection to find out what was causing the problem. I waited for 2 hours before I was finally told there was nothing they could find. They said they checked the bearings and they appeared tight and ok.I asked about the problem being that there was an alignment issue and was told they did not look at that and they felt it was the tires being worn down due to my not having the rotated the first year. I have brought my vehicle in for an inspection in September and which was many mont

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