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Murray Lapides and his company AVFX were hired to do audio staging for our company event celebrating our top VIP customers. He charged an astronomical sum and made all kinds of promises that his equipment was top of the line and he would handle all scheduling and promotion. | Immediately after he was hired, he became invisible – impossible to reach and his office had one excuse after another -“he just left through the back door”, “he had an out of town emergency”, “we don’t know when he will be in.” When we finally pinned him down, we got more excuses – they were having equipment issues, the staff person had a personal emergency. If was obvious Murray Lapides was shuffling us around while he was trying to pitch other business. We were forced to do all of the event coordination ourselves because it was obvious that it was not going to get done in time by Murray Lapides and his inept staff. | The presentation was a complete disaster – it looked as if it was put together by high school students on a school project. The equipment was painfully outdated and the presentation was drab and dull and dark. Everything was done at the last minute and our VIP clients were stressed out and uncomfortable from being subjected to an evening of obvious chaos. The event caused us to lose business from lack of confidence by our customers. | Murray Lapides and his company AVFX are all hot air. This is a fly by night company that should be avoided at all costs.


Name: AVFX, Inc.

Country: United States

State: Massachusetts

City: Boston

Address: 96 Holton St

Phone: 617-254-0770

Website: www.avfx.com/

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By Tucker

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