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Bell Honda violates package agreements: refused and delayed cancellation Phoenix, Arizona!!. I have been in Bell Honda dealer for many times to cancel those crap packages, here is my experiences August 18, 2018 Signed the cancellation of Execu-Care Platinum Plan. The manager said it would take 3 – 6 weeks to be effective. Right now it is January 1, 2013. Still not cancelled. December 26, 2018 (about this date) I went to this dealer again, Jesse Hoffman said what I have cancelled on August 18 were Zaktek packages, and dismissed me saying “mail the newly signed cancellation myself”. Jesse Hoffman said “You cannot refinance the car loan” December 28, 2018 I went to this dealer again, waited 2 hours and finally met Karia. Karia helped me file the cancellation on GAP, Eexecu-Care, Disability, MPP. But she said “You cannot cancel SkyLink($1100), Zaktek($1600) because they goes with the car” I need cancel all the crap packages and refinance the car loan (currently is 8.44%) and meet all kinds of resistance and misbehave of dealership

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