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The owner of Giannones towing "Carmen" uses his flatbed as a weapon. We were on Trooper Rd (2 lanes both ways) and I wanted to get past him. With every attempt I made he swerved his truck towards my car. Once I figured out I wasn’t going to be able to get past him, I stayed behind him and honked my horn and flashed my lights. That’s when his hair trigger temper really became obvious. He slammed his breaks on several times in an attempt to make me rear end him. I finally was able to pull up next to him and told him that I was a nurse heading to see a patient. He told me he didn’t give a f*** who I was, I wasn’t a cop. So when I told him I was going to contact his company, he said go ahead and told me his name was Carmen. So I called only to have his girlfriend yell at me and tell me she didn’t care what he did because he’s the owner. After hanging up on her, she called me back to yell at me again. So to sum things up, this child Carmen didn’t like the fact that I was trying to get past him. Not knowing if I had children in the car or the fact that I don’t like to be next to large trucks because of a previous bad accident I was in. He has no regard for human life. I guess I should expect this since the owners a convicted felon. Do your research before doing business with this guy.

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By Tucker

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