Chad Henry Nielsen, Florida


This man is a drug addict who physically and verbally abuses women. He will make you believe he is the most amazing man you have ever met, and then he quickly turns into a monster. He will say he is sober and doesnt drink. He lies. He has a drug problem a drinking problem and […]

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Chad Henry Nielsen, Florida

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  • I wrote this comment back when I was going through a bad divorce with Chad. That comment does not reflect the man he is today. He is a wonderful man and father to our daughter. He goes above and beyond to support her any way he can. He has started his business from the ground up, has 5 star ratings and is honorable with everyone he deals with. I am writing this because him and I and are in a very good place. And that is because of who we are today. I wrote this during a time of bitterness and anger. This just shows why you should never post things on the internet that you may later regret. I would hate for this to ever affect him and his dealings professionally or personally.

By Tucker

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