Cindy Kasberg aka Cindy Arias aka Cindy Flores – San Antonio, Texas Texas


Her and her baby daddy, Paul Flores got hooked on drugs, meth, brown… They left their three daughters bc of this, also they were involved in grand theft auto, but somehow she was always able to get out of jail. She was in rehab due to the drugs, all she wanted was to lose weight but got too addicted and now looks like the presa and porter st whore she’s always been. Since age 12 she’s been walking the streets to guys houses to get laid and starts drama between them after they stop talking to her or have a family now, even after all these many years! She’ll call acting like another girl who was seeing her friend’s husband or bf and claim to be pregnant or that he’s cheating just for fun and listen to them fight on the phone. She gets jealous when any of her friends meet other friends or have a relationship and stalks them, threatens them, calls to report stuff to cps or traffic and parking violations, vandalism to their property, mainly their cars, she teaches her children to steal from her friends to bribe them with McDonald’s and let’s her nephew get them high on marijuana and who knows what else. Point blank she’s no good. Beware, bc she doesn’t stop. She feeds off peoples anger, fears and misfortunes and it boosts her up to be more evil. She’s absolute trash. Currently she’s near zarzamora and has been seeing ppl of the same sex to use them for cash and drugs. Her so called husband , jonathon Arias was in jail but that didn’t stop her from having Epiphany and changing her ways they constantly fight over her insecurities and she lies and cheats on him.

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