Cindy Pierce Perrone – Homewrecking Manipulater of Marriages Pennsylvania


BEWARE… this woman is a Master Manipulater that will friend you first and then work her charm to get married men to fall for her to ruin their marriage. Her first husband’s was married and divorces his wife to marry her, Cindy then cheated on her husband with another married man and then left him once his wife found out and they both got divorce. She then dated several men (but only men with money)(local business owner was her taste) until she got her claws in another married man, he is now going through a divorce. She only dates men with money, she is money hungry! Cindy works at the Cambria County Court House and is trying to get elected for Register of Wills, beware she already got fired from a local bar because she was stealing money, then was sleeping around with the Commander at a local American Legion and yes you guessed it she got a job as a bartender there but not on the books oh no it’s under the table so she don’t have to claim it on taxes and now she is Bar Manager there, after she got what she wanted from this Commander she left him for another married man. Cindy has no shame in her game and does not have any remorse for her actions, she cares about nobody but herself. The kicker of this story, she isn’t even easy on the eyes, even beer goggles wouldn’t make a lonely man take her home. Let’s spread the word DON’T elect this POS, no good for anything, homewrecking, thief for Register of Wills, she is worthless!!!!

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By Tucker

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