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After receiving a compelling marketing piece from Isaac Moore promising to deliver mortgage leads, I hired City Wide Source and paid $1296.36 for a 4 month mortgage marketing program. However after receiving the check no one answers the phone, returns messages or responds to emails. I have copies of the cashed check, service contract and fedx label they provided to me. Upon doing greater research I have found another person with a similar experience (BBB website). | **Note they will not accept credit card payment** | After, filling a complaint with the Pinellas County Consumer Protection division I was assigned a mediator who did contact Mr.Issac. Mr. Issac carried on an elaborate charade about how he was going to refund me my money etc….however, to this date I have received no refund. The investigator is unable to compel Mr.Issac or Citywide to do anything and I was told my only recourse would be to file in small claims court (not a very attractive option since I live in Texas). | Bottom line is this – Citywide is a straight up scam, once they have your money they basically stop communicating with you. They also realize that law enforcement will not pursue them as this is a civil matter (breach of contract). The amounts they con people out of are small enough that it makes no sense to pursue it in civil/small claims court. | Stay away from Citywide and Issac Moore.


Name: Citywide Source

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Saint Petersburg

Address: 970 Lake Carillon Dr

Phone: (727) 202-9043


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By Tucker

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