Coleen Feeley, Leshane, Noone – Malden, Massachusetts


A Malden teacher has been having an affair with my husband. Colleen Feeley is a serial cheater and has been dating others others even though she is engaged to a man she cheated on her ex husband with. She uses “brain damage” as an excuse for her cheating and claims her fiancee beats her. Sadly […]

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  • Funny this was copied from a false post a jealous person tried over a year ago on her. Sad and pathetic! Perhaps grow up and stop posting false things about the girl clearly no one believes you 😂

  • This post is as pathetic as the person who posted it! How many more false postings are you going to make about a girl that doesn’t want you? You are a sad, sad person. Anyone can find her picture on the internet and apparently anyone can post whatever they want on this fictional site. Move on pal! Anyone who knows her, knows it is just you not moving on! PATHETIC HAHA

By Tucker

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