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Complaint: My Family and I were eating dinner & i noticed little worm, s in the food we were eating i told every body to stop eating and made the kids go play all the kids but one was happy to go play .My oldest girl got very upset she was hungrey ,so i went ahead and told her about the little worms then she was in shock ,she thought i was playin some kind of sick prank I felt awfull. Needless to say she had trouble eating for a while ,i think we all did.I got a hold of a lawer ,and cotacted the company .The company sent me some coupons for some free cans of beans also coupons for like 25 & 50 cents off a can . I Don,t want to eat Bush bean,s ever again .I need to finsish my story sorry, Ok That same day we found the worms in the (Bush Beans Homestyle). My little girl was still hungery so was i the only thing we had left was some bacon ,eggs suauge & VanCamps pork & Beans. The last think we wanted was to even look at beans, but I thought I might look at them anyway, hell what are the odds they had them too? Man they had them to!, NO JOKE. I really freaked out then ! I Just Bought those cans a couple a days ago at the super market.I still had the receipt! This has been such a freakish thing for us to have to deal with,i,ve seen my children pick there food apart inpecting it before they eat i , ve done it myself. It is the worst thing to have to go thru seeing my family scared to eat. I think there is a few details i need to explain The maggotts were very small i used a magnafing glass & the internet to find out what they were. They were not moving they were Cooked i think (they wer,nt moving & the food tasted ok i even smelled the (beans bush homestyle & VanCamps Pork & Beans kinda smelled ok also was,nt old can they were fresh . I complained to the store they were in Shock / Disbelief, Gave me 2 vancamp 2 bushbean cans to replace the bad ones, I opened 1 of the bush bean ,s at my mom,s house to prove to my Mom & Brother what I told him about the worms, I swear it had the little Maggots also! I freaked out I couldn’t beleive it, but it was there in front of me not as many but still maggotts. I typed in maggott on the inter net & found out there is a big problem with Bean & Corn Fly/Maggott or LARVA. The company wont respond to my lawer and i have theatened to use ,But they don,t respond . What I want to know is are they still selling this Product with the MAGGOTTS in it is it safe I doubt it. What do you Folks think I Should have done ? What should I do. What would you do? I almost forgot the company that makes the VanCamp Pork and beans is ConAgra Foods . The can of Bush Baked Beans does, ent say were or who made them besides Bush Brother’s & Company . I am at a loss 2 different Cans both beans same bugs! The internet did show a infestation in the bean & corn farms, But you would think this kind of thing Could have Should have been Prevented. PERIOD Preston enid, OklahomaU.S.A.

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