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This company (Consumer Health Benefits Association) will call claiming they are trying to sell you a health insurance plan with co-pays for doctor visits and pharmacy items. I was told by Eric Alexander at extension 337 that this was a phcs PPO health plan that I would have no deductable, a $10-$20 co-pay for doctor visits, and a perscription plan that included a $10 co-pay for generic brand drugs, $20 co-pay for name brand drugs, and $40 co-pay for non-formulary drugs. I was told that I would receive an email with my plan benefits within 15 minutes to and hour after our phone call and that I would have 72 hours to request a full refund of the enrollment fee and the first months payment. nI never received any email from them much less within an hour of our phone conversation. I called Mr. Alexander an hour after our phone conversation and told him that I had not received any email, he claimed to put me on hold and see if he could contact someone in the Customer Service Department (which he could not find).I was told that my PCP was on the plan as well as my child’s doctors. The name of their website was never mentioned during our phone conversation for me to check out the plan details. nI can only assume it wasn’t mentioned because then I would find out this was a discount plan and not an insurance plan. Only did I find this information out after searching on the web for details regarding this company and found complaints from other consumers. I have tried to call several times to get answers to where my plan details are and to get some more information regarding the claims of the plan actually being a discount plan rather than an the insurance plan they claimed they were selling me. I have yet to been able to reach anyone in Customer Service or Mr. Alexander. This is a huge scam and these people are preying on individuals that have financial restrictions because they can offer such a low price for what they claim is health insurance. nErikanSugar Hill, GeorgiaU.S.A.

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