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Complaint: Jamie Jimenez who is a contractor dba Creative J Painting and Remodeling took $7200 of money up front which he said was needed to pay for materials for a job for us. He finished only one part of it but still owes us $5400. On 9/3/2016 he wrote us a refund check for $1600 but that turned out to be from a CLOSED account! It has been 3 months now since he took our initial deposit and still has not paid it back after many promises he would. On 9/21/2016 he wrote a letter and signed it in person saying he would repay this money by 9/24/2016. He did not pay anything by the deadline which he set the date in which he would repay the amount in full. We have been trying to contact him since and he no longer responds to text messages/calls on any of his numbers. We filed a police report against against him on 9/27/2016 and is being investigated for hot checks. We are also in the process of pursuing legal action as well. Here are the recent BBB complaints of others who have been cheated by him: DO NOT give this man Jaime Jimenez any money and do not hire him for any more jobs!!! He is a Con Man and will find a way to steal from you!

Tags: Builders & Contractors

Address: 701 Leading Lane Allen, Texas USA


Phone: (214) 584-4588

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By Tucker

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