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Complaint: If you choose to attend these expensive seminars, prepare to be bullied, hear non stop racial slurs and profanity because they childishly think this will shock or surprise you into an ‘awakening, or transformation’. He told a Mexican girl who had two children at a young age…well no wonder, you guys keep popping them out, and you dont care about them, just give them up for adoption! The methods are almost dangerous, the resulting behavior is to end up like the staff members who devote their time to voulunteering after taking the classes themselves. They are all unifromly braindead. They look and sound utterly stupid, with a fake smile on thier faces and theat voice like you’re trying to sell snake oil. The entire time they are not allowed to look students in the eyes, comunicate or show emotion…until the time they have to push the next level class…then all the sudden they become like telemarketers who will not give up. Make sure you research this place well…you will regret throwing your money down the drain. But you’ll me making Ariya Malek very rich. Cult, cult, cult.

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Address: 18345 Ventura Bl Tarzana, California USA

Website: eacseminars.com/

Phone: 818-705-6979

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By Tucker

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