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When I lived in Virginia I was pandred by a man named Eliase Graywolf. I had bought some random jewlery (which broke after 2 days) and gave money for various causes he was collecting for, like Pine Ridge and American Indian Movement. He displayed a womans size 8 pair of fully beaded moccasins on his Facebook page with a price of $350. When I had asked about them he had said that they were already sold and that he would gladly make me another pair with whatever colors I wanted for $400 deposit prepaid for materials. He claimed many people ordered and backed out of order after he did all the work. But i was to send money order or Western Union to his wife Rebecca Battles. For a whole year he kept giving me excuses about not getting me the moccasins. he said he was moving, on 5 different occasions he said his wife was having a miscarriage and didnt have time to deal with me. But that did not stop him from asking me for money for the American Indian Movement. Everytime i asked he became increasingly hostile and making threats to have me beat up by members of the American Indian Movement of Virginia so I finally gave up. I am an elderly woman who is making it on my own. I ended up finding out that Mr. Graywolf is not the real name of this man and hat the American Indian Movement did not support or endorse him and that he had not given them any of the donation money. Then I had read that he was not even a real Native American but an imposter. When I got on my Facebook again I had begged him for my deposit back. This is when he had gotten vulgar with me and cursed at me over email then blocked me. Then he contacted all my friends and told them I was a liar. Now I read on Facebook that he is cheating other people and even people overseas. He must be stopped.

11532 E. 1st Ave. Aurora, Colorado USA



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By Tucker

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