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Complaint: On 6/24/16 my computer was frozen and ET Solutions contacted by phone saying they could fix it. I had to purchase a Software Support Subscription in the amount of $149.99. They entered my computer and I spent over two days on the phone with Edward and Mattew while I sat in front of the computer. I also had to purchase a Microsoft server for $499.99. On 9/14/17 I was contacted by ET Solutions informing me that my conputer had been hacked. They entered my computer and showed me some information in a black box that I didn’t understand and they said this was how many times someone had tried to get into my computer. They proceeded to work on it for several hours. A Jack Williams called later and I was told I would have to go to Walmart and purchase Itunes cards totaling $400, called him back to give him numbers on each card. I was told this amount was necessary for repair problem. Before I could even return home, he called again and said it would require another $400 worth of Itunes cards. I told him I had purchased all Walmart had. He said to go to CVS . Which I did. On 9/15/17 Jack Wilson called again and said it would require another $400. I told him I had no more money. He kept insisting that all of my money would be refunded to me when problem was fixed. I told him I was 78 years old, lived off of my social security and some savings. He asked me when would I receive my next social security check. At this point I realized I had been completely duped and scammed. I hung up on him. He continued to call and I would not answer the phone.

Tags: Internet Fraud

Address: 12000 Blackberry Ter North Potomac, Maryland USA


Phone: 8667868673

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By Tucker

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