Fairfax Electronics Hesperia California Review


Placed order I needed for a customer of mine for my CCTV business. After a while no shipping information, nothing. Made all the usual phone calls and waited and absolutely no response. Emails are returned automatically and calls for a refund are NEVER returned. Service is utterly non existent. You get “so and so is on vacation”” or “”We are busy-we’ll get back to you”” and what you get is a big ZERO. No merchandise

NO call

NO nothing. I did business with this firm a few years ago and they were fine. Now they exhibit all the classic signs of a formerly successful company headed for an early bankruptcy. I had to do a charge-back with Mastercard as this company is not honest enough to refund your money. Stay far away !! I have found other suppliers and so can you. “”Google”” is a wonderful thing

but Fairfax Electronics of Los Angeles is just a waste of your time and certainly a waste of your money. You have been warned…. nBlairnHesperia


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By Tucker

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