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Complaint: Family Leisure and Richard with All Seasons Landscapingdestroyed my deck I had storm damage to my deck. I called my insurance company and was told to submit estimates. I called Family Leisure and spoke with a sales rep name Brad Mears. He asked me the size of my pool. I told him that I had no idea so he told me to go outside and count the beams around the pool. I did and he came up with an estimate. I asked him at that time if the sand to replace the old pool was included in the estimate, he said yes, that should be enough for the sand. Once the check arrived I took it to the store. Family Leisure was running a special so there was a remaining amount. I asked if it could be returned to pay the carpenter that they had me to have cut the deck back 6 inches. He went to the back and got permission and said that I could pick the check up on Monday. He brought a young lady to the counter named Lisa and said that he was off on Mondays but that I could get it from her. This would have been my 3rd trip to the store at this juncture. They had to get their guy Richard to do a site survey, he came up with different sizes- total Chaos from the beginning. Arrived that Monday greeted by someone other than Lisa who says she didnt know anything about what was going on and said that she would go ahead and schedule the installation because by now it had been more than 3 weeks of them holding the check. Called back a day before scheduled installation and again no one knew about an installation or check. It has now been nearly a month. Later that week I received a call from Kristy Mautz who said she was the Controller and realized that the ball had been dropped so many times that she would take care of it. She then said, we cant return money. I said that was fine please use the funds to purchase other pool equipment. So after a month, installation was scheduled. Kristy did offer a store certificate for the trouble up to that point. The first day of the scheduled visit started out in complete Chaos again after a month, the crew was supposed to arrive that morning and arrived that evening without the proper equipment, taking an entire work day. They did manage to take the old pool down that evening. They measured the deck based on it being cut back 6 inches and said that it would be fine for the new pool. (I have pictures). They said that they were sorry for not having the proper equipment and that another crew would come the next day. Day number 2crew arrived without proper equipment again. Had to drive out somewhere to get equipment to haul sand stayed gone too long, by the time they were ready to work, they complained that the first crew messed everything up and that the measurements werent correct, and that their boss Richard with All Seasons Landscape had totally messed the job up by giving us the wrong measurements saying that the deck had not been cut back enough (Richards Nephew said this). They worked trying to set it up but said they would not be able to finish it because it was now too late in the evening to install a liner so another crew would have to come the following day, day number two gone taking day number 3 a full work day. Day number three started with everyone fussing at the previous crews shouting that there was a mad lady out here so they just sent me to put in a liner.I didnt have nothing to do with this! So after three full work days the pool that Family Leisure says should have taken 4 hours took three full work days and a follow up to correct crew number threes error leaving a block in between the liner and the column causing the liner to bend in. Crew number three shouted and fussed about what the other crews had done and said that the deck would have to be cut back more. They cut the deck wrecklessly without measuring anything in a jagged fashion saying that I would have some deck work after they finished. After they finished, I had contractors to come and give me estimates on the deck. Family Leisure said there would be some deck work to do after installation the three estimates that I received said that because of the way they negligently cut the deck up, that I would have to replace the entire deck- not deck work. Richard states that he told me that it would cost me 6 or 7 hundred dollars to do deck work. I stated to him that Deck Work and total Deck Replacement were two different things. After many complaints to Kristy Mautz at Family Leisure, Richard came to my home and after seeing the damage that his guys had done to deck including the damage to a major beam on the deck, he said that he could cut it back and repair it himself in the presence of a witness. The boards were jagged and already cut back too far. Other contractors that came to see the deck and hear his version of how he could repair it said that it would not be safe. I called Richard to tell him what the other contractors stated and he said that he was not responsible for any of it and would not be fixing it. Said that he never said that he would fix it and that he would contact Family Leisure. I informed Kristy Mautz and she asked what they could do to resolve this and make me happyI tried to compromise and said that since Richard claims that he quoted 6 or 7 hundred dollars in deck repair that I would be responsible for. I said that we could take the lowest estimate and subtract 6 or 7 hundred dollars. Kristy sent back ugly emails talking about the age of the deck that was fine before they ruined it. She said that they would replace the beam that they destroyed with their contractors. I dont want Family Leisure back on my property and believe that they should be responsible for an independent contractor fixing the deck and the beam. They took me through over a month of running back and forth to the store, three full work days missed and a follow up. Richard is the only person that says that it can be repaired. Three separate independent contractors says that it will require total deck replacement.

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