Fatih Pehlivan Canyon Lake California


Complaint: This man runs a bulldog selling scam. He promises you a puppy after you send him money direct to his bank account. He is very convincing and even sends you images of him and his wife and his child with the puppies. I know a total of 3 people that have sent him large sums of money and have even been waiting at the airport to pick up their puppies that never came. This is his details, email address is [email protected], website www.balticbulls.com, name is Tom address is 82a-29Kaunas Lithuania you can find him on facebook name Fatih Pehlivan. WE NEED TO STOP HIM FAST. How horrible not only to loose thousands of dollars but to be sitting at an airport with your kids waiting for their new family member that never comes. I have one friend who lost over $14,000.00 who was purchasing several high end rare bulldogs. Please help put a stop to this!

Tags: Dog Breeders

Address: Kaunas Petrasiunas, Kauno Apskritis, Select State/Province Lithuania

Website: www.facebook.com/balticfrenchy?ref=ts&fref=ts%20or%20www.balticbulls.com

Phone: + 370 600 99 454

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