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Complaint: AVOID THESE PEOPLE: Brenner Adams & Chris Burch (Director of Joy) from the Link Group, LLC Pleasant Grove, Utah / FIG POS @ 922 South State Road Pleasant Grove, UT 84062 Our experience was simply atrocious dealing with FIG POS ( and the Link Group, LLC. Both Brenner Adams and Chris Joy were both ultra-responsive before we paid them anything, but as soon as money changed hands communications dropped off like a rock, and it horrendous to get any response from these people. FIG POS / The Link Group, LLC 922 South State Road Pleasant Grove, UT 84062 Overall they do nothing but sell u201cvapor wareu201d products and services that simply donu2019t exist. We had initially paid a deposit for work to be done and then once we cancelled the project they simply refused to refund our deposit despite being directly told by Chris Burch u201cDirector of Joyu201d that no work had ever been started. In our opinion these guys are nothing but scammers and should be avoided at all cost. We even filed a BBB complaint but they didnu2019t even bother responding to that.

Tags: Computer Software

Address: 922 South State Road Pleasant Grove, Utah USA



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