I was checking my bank account and saw a charge on there from and so I called gamestop to find out what the charge was for. Gamestop informed me that there was a gift card purchased for the play station store and when I told them that I didn’t order it, they gave me the most difficult time and talked me in circle and maintained that they could not issue a refund and that they could not refund my money and that I would have to dispute the charges with my bank and wait for them to return my money which will take 2 weeks or longer. They never even offered to take my card off of my account to prevent further charges, never recommended for me to change my password or anything. I had to end up canceling my card through my bank and then I ended up canceling my entire game stop account because they can’t even refund my money or recommend to change anything to secure my account to prevent further charges or compromises.
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By Tucker

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