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In August I received a message in my inbox on my Linked In network from one of my contacts. His name is Gaylord Thomas from Dallas Ft Worth TX. The message stated that I was being offered an opportunity to become a secret shopper and I should email my name, address, and phone number to : [email protected] I sent the information to this individual. I then responded to Gaylord thanking him for sending me this opportunity because I had been searching for something of this nature. He responded back stating that it was not him and that he would be reporting this fraud. On September 8th I received an email from the individual: Jerry Lane stating that the package containing my first assignment had arrived to my address. I opened the envelope , which contained a check in the amount of $1,816.00 and instructions to go to walmart to purchase 3 $500 money cards and deduct the remaining $300 for myself. The instructions also stated that I should take a photo of the front and back of the money cards and email information to Mr. Jerry Lane at email address listed above. The letter also stated that I should not register these cards. I began to feel uneasy or suspicious about the process so i responded to Mr. Jerry Lane stating that I was no longer interested and I would send envelope back to him. I did not send check or letter back as I plan to send this information to federal fraud.

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By Tucker

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