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Complaint: After I horrible dry bad encounter with Ed Graham I read all of the horrible reports of Ed Graham at on and Ripp Off Report believe every one of them. I hired Ed Graham for a small job to lay carpet in my basement. Was not sure about the guy but thought I would take a chance on him since he was other lowest priced bid. He wanted most of the money up front (a BS story to by supplys and materials) which I would not agree to because I had the materials and would pay him at the end of the project. This project would only take a few hours and I could not believe how someone could screw up simple carpet lay. He ruined my carpet by patching the parts he cut wrong. I demanded he pay for the carpet and he demanded to be paid. There is no reasoning with this guy and he scared me. I told him to leave my house and I will be calling the police. He looked startled and quickly left which tells me he most likely has a criminal record. Believe all of the reports on him.

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Address: Omaha, Nebraska USA


Phone: 402-813-7209

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  • If this is the same guy and it sure sounds like him, he did the exact same thing to me!!!! He owes me money and I even won in small claims court but was never able to collect? He is nowhere to be found to collect and its a shame,

By Tucker

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