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I have purchased a Hammock stand and chair from Great Sports. These two items were shown together in the ad. Once I received them, we put them together- at this point it was very clear that this chair did not fit this stand. I immediately called Great Sports, who told me to call customer service . AOSOM was the customer service for this company there was a card in the box with a phone number. They were going to get back to me 2 days went by no calls I realize they had many web sites and 3 or 4 different names of company. I called my credit card company to find out the order was charged under I called them and told my story, at which point he gave me an address to send the chair to along with a return # to put on the box. He never mentioned a restocking fee or shipping fees. The shipping for just the chair was $68.00. After they received my chair I got an e-mail that stated I had no authorization to do this- the only person who can authorize a return is “Allie”” in customer service. She has informed me that i am not allowed to return this item; it would have to be an order cancellation. Order cancellation policy states that a restocking fee of 30% would be deducted along with original shipping fees. After going to the Better Business Bureau

“”Allie”” from customer service is stating that they refunded the credit to Great Sports and I must contact them. As stated in the beginning of this story

they referred me to her. Now she is referring to it as a refund

so I should not have to be forced to pay shipping and restocking fees. Not only do they get to mislead the consumer by their ads but we also have to pay for returns and restocking fees with their faulty equipment.”

21765 center street New Lenox, Illinois United States of America

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By Tucker

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