Holiday Inn Club Vacations Longwood Florida Review


This is a time share promotion. The Vacation Package that we purchased was for “5 consecutive days””. I requested dates for my vacation stay. They sent my confirmation and it was for 4 nights with a checkout on the morning of the fifth day. There is nothing about 4 nights in our paperwork. The word nights is not in the legal description at all. My paperwork shows “”five consecutive days”” and that is what I was lead to believe by the timeshare representative – a five day stay in the room. They told me that all hotels charge this way. I was not looking at a hotel stay but possible membership in their timeshare and received this promotion through their timeshare presentation. Any timeshare that I have ever stayed at

does not count the check out day as one of the charged days. Any timeshare that does 7 days

gives you 7 days and 7 nights. You might check in on let’s say Saturday and you check out on the following Saturday

Not on Friday

as this confirmation suggests we must do. If the package stated””5 days and 4 nights”” then I would agree with them. And most assuredly would not have purchased the package. The understanding that I had was 5 days for almost $1000.00. But in actualality

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By Tucker

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