I contacted had inquiring about the quality of their investor base, level of services, and refund policy. | Assured that all investor in their database were current, and that if an problem occurred that originated within their system they would refund my subscription, I proceed for a 1-month membership. | The only response I received was from an alleged officer of a foreign bank stating she represented several trust clients and that she was authorized to commit $7M. I then asked that she confirm her position and related contact information. Receiving an email from her to my personal email address and not the site’s, it took some study but revealed the street address, phone number and related bank contact information was fraudulent. | Further investigation has this bank employee actually living in Wyoming. When I received that email at my personal address, it had no contact information other than the email ad

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  • I have used this service (INVSTOR.COM) for a month now sending out about 30 messages a day to your investors list and got nothing but 3 scammers who I found out were not legitimate investors. One from Turkey who setup a fake deposit account and asking for a transfer fee to access the funds, another I am talking to now out of Florida who is wanting me to pay $4200 for his $50 million. Another from not sure what country who actually is using a good Realtor’s identity in California to purport his scam.

    I had to stop sending out messages – it just reaps scammers from you list.

    Obviously they don’t vet your investors and I since I never got any other inquiries, And likely they don’t have any legitiment investors I can’t see how they can purport your service with any value.

By Tucker

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