James T. Riley of Wisconsin aka herpes boy


James T. Riley of Wisconsin aka herpes boy – My gf laura dunton cheated on me after 5 years with this loser. He has a wife of 18 years, 3 kids with said wife and 2 kids with previous gfs. He neglects his children to give $$$ and his time to nasty b****** like laura.

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James T. Riley of Wisconsin aka herpes boy


  • This post was posted by Brian Kaiser of Sheboygan WI. He has done nothing but torment and try to brake up this family. He says nothing but lies and his toxic personality is something people should turn and run the other way from. He is a manipulating cyber bully who does nothing but spread lies and try and break up happy homes and he reaches for anything and everything. Hes tried and tried but has not even come close to breaking up this family he speaks of. C-Cap him Brain M. Kaiser of Sheboygan WI amd u can see for yourself how he lives in his own world and truly is a predator and bully. He can keep trying and im sure its not gonna work just like it hasnt. What a tool!

    • James T Riley always plays the victim.
      Anyone that has ever worked with james aka Jim aka herpe boy can tell you of all the sextual harassment he commits, preying on young girls & infecting anyone that accepts his advances with herpes. Which is why he jumps jobs a lot. Ask laura dunton a co worker of James riley. Or belle, or the others woman that put him on the internet as a predator.
      James Riley cowardly hid behind my garage shooting me with a wrist rocket knocking me unconscious to fall 12 feeet onto concrete breaking a lot of bones. Causing $288,000 in damage to my body. I’m convinced laura & her mom Cindy dunton also played a part in this. Cause Sarah Riley told me he got $4000 from somewhere during that time & James had never had that much $$ ever in his life. They woulda had to give James directions to my home & Cindy was doing gardening at kfc at the same time they woulda needed to plan this. Plus Cindy cheated on her husband during gambling trips with her daughter so her mind isn’t rite… I know disturbing…..Anyway my ccap shows I thew out my lying cheating exs. Sarah Riley just isn’t smart enough to throw her loser away.
      I want him dead. I do but life will kill him slower then I would plus I’m not a killer. Do Not Hire this loser he’s a disturbed individual. If I ever come across this loser I’m 100% positive my ccap will get an addition to it.
      I want to fight James in a ring under contract but james is to cowardly. Hiding behind his wife. After finding out about James I contacted his wife & a sextual relationship began that lasted years. James can’t handle the fact he & laura had a 8 year relationship behind his wife’s back but me & her had one in there face.
      He also forces his wife to say I love you which is disturbing. Beware of James T. Riley aka Jim & keep your teen daughters away from him to…
      you’ve all been warned.
      Ps I put James on blast for the purposes of criminal history.
      James tried killing to cheat on his wife it’s only a matter of time till someone does die at his hand.

  • James gave me herpes & I’m only 16 years old. I met him at a school playground near his home on cypress lane in greenbay. Once I told him I tested positive for herpes he ghosted me & moved. Beware ladies he’s nice at 1st but only wants to spread his herpes..

  • Jim/James T Riley gave me herpes to. He sweet talked me & like a dummy I didn’t stress protection cause he had his nuts chopped & no longer can have kids.
    He claimed his wife was a cheater & he wanted out of the marriage. I should of ran from his ugly ass sooner….I was only 19.
    Beware in greenbay & Janesville.
    This is one nasty guy with an even nastier small thin sausage in his pants.

  • Jim is a creep. From Janesville to greenbay
    He leaves his herpes everywhere. His wife is completely stupid for staying by his side. He has no love for her or any of his kids….
    I dated jim when his wife was pregnant with her 2nd boy & I found out I was herpe positive shortly after. The way he talks about his Sarah is disturbing. He told me how he pretends she’s the only person he trusts cause she’s the only person that’s THERE for him & how he loves her so & she’s so stupid she’ll fall for it everytime…. idk y he was telling me this either I was trying to yell at him for giving me herpes & that was his response.. The guy is delusional for sure. Doesn’t even live in the same world as the rest of us…..

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