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Eight years ago the State of California found Coach Jio Lucci guilty of severe child abuse against his four daughters. All his daughters were removed from his home shortly before Christmas by the Beverly Hills Police Department and put into foster care where they have spent the last 8 years of their life. Coach Jio […]

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Jio Lucci


  • Internet security has found that Jio Lucci is a victim of malicious posts via the web. The State of California issue was found to be a set up by the daughters who are on record by the Beverly Hills Police to be nuisances to the entire community and have fooled the public with the derogatory posts. Jio Lucci is a victim of disgusting acts of lies and deceit. Investigators will comply the evidence against these scam artist and pursued by law. The mother submitted sworn notarized documents against the daughters of malice and the admitted evidence that Jio Lucci was set up in a scam.
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    Internet security

  • NOT TRUE. I WENT TO SCHOOL WITH THE GIRLS. THEY LIE CHEAT AND STEAL. Father was great to them. Mother abandoned all of them. He had to raise all 7 on his own. I know. I was one of the housekeepers. They were well taken care of. Mr Jio Lucci is a good nan and provided the best for all of them. Housing, schools everything. I was a live in maid/nanny so I viewed everything. Its so bad that children talk in such ugly ways about their father.
    Ines and marta

  • This is a lie. I was the nanny and maid for several years. Never ever was this man a bad person. The mother abandoned everyone. She was mentally ill. Jio Lucci brought up all 7 in best housing, schools and everything they needed. How dare these daughters talk negative. 9 foster homes and parents threw them out. Bad 4 kids. Lies cheats and deceit. I saw it all by the 4 girls.

By Tucker

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