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Complaint: I have inside info on Kontos Pita, the supposed king of flat breads, pitas, pocket pita etc. Kontos is not baking all their own products. They are using competitors to produce them and they put their name (Kontos)on the packaging. Same pita you can buy @ Wholefoods only you are paying much more!!!! Steve Kontos, who runs the company, has no scruples. He is being paid cash by independent people, who in turn sell for cash. Do you think any of them are reporting this to the IRS and state agencies also???? Thsi guy is manuvering the books and is looking to sell out to some big corporation. Goodbye jobs, good buy jobbers and many other casualties. This guy cares only about the big corporate accounts. He can sell at anytime, after all, his competitors are making his products already. To be continued.

Tags: Food Vendors

Address: po box 628 Paterson NJ 07544, Select State/Province USA

Website: www.kontos.com/

Phone: 1-800-969-7482

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By Tucker

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