Leann Gilbert (Tracy Leaan Gilbert – legal name) McDonough, Georgia Georgia


My ex-husband worked lots of hours and was never home. I always assumed he was at work, until the late nights started happening one after another, the strange phone numbers on the phone bill at 1 and 2am. The large amounts of cash missing out of our bank acct that made it impossible to pay for items the kids needed like school tuition and medical bills. || One night after leaving the kids softball game – that he did not attend because of”work” the kids noticed his car parked at his favorite bar. We fought he denied her for months, all the while he had gotten her a special phone to use to call him so the numbers wouldn’t show up on our phone bill, he has always been a heavy drinker and likes pain killers. His story to me was that she was selling him pain pills – that’s why the calls were so late – then later it was that he was working on her car and on and on. || He missed dates with his kids, family dinners, he said he was sleeping in cars at the bar cause he was too drunk to drive….The lies go on and on. We went through months of this, until finally his father told me it was true and that he had a girlfriend. This is no ordinary girlfriend this is the bartender from his favorite bar – the same girl that had just got out of prison for 3 years for meth, intent to sell meth and firearms, and theft. One class act. He went between us for months getting the best of both worlds; he got to be such an expert at lying that anyone would believe him. || She would call me to tell me about their sex life and all the details she would text me about it. One time she text me about their sex life while I was in bed with him. He lied to us both constantly but in the end he’s all hers now because he’s already lied and cheated enough that their relationship is a train wreck waiting to happen. || I eventually took the kids to my parents hoping he would wake up and see the light but instead he changed all the locks on the house and took everything out of it and moved it to her house – all mine and the kids furniture belongings etc. Leann would frequently call and threaten me and the kids she sent me countless crazy texts to the point I had to take her to court for harassment. She was a low life with nothing she let Paul rescue her – he bought her a car , got her a house on the lake – with all my furniture- all the while not paying any child support or medical support nothing. || This woman has been engaged multiple times -she’s lost custody of her own kids – she was even on the county’s most wanted poster just a few months ago. He got what he wanted a life of freedom with no responsibilities but at a steep price. His own children hate him for abandoning them and taking away everything they had ever had. They are terrified of her because of her insane phone calls and threats and now after 2 years he decides he should see them again. He wants my girls to come over and all stay in one bed together!! The nerve. It’s a long battle I am fighting that is costing me well over $10,000 in legal fees. But whatever it takes to make sure she stays away from my kids.

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