Lilac Shade Mansfield Ohio Review


I ordered a pair of shoes from Lilac Shade, which I came across on Instagram. I got an email stating my order was being processed. That was 12/27/2014. On 01/01/2015, I received an email stating that the company’s credit card machine could not process my payment. This is after they took the money for the order out of my account. They stated in their email to me that I would be provided a refund in 3-5 business days. I waited. No refund was deposited into my account. I proceeded to contact my banking establishment. My bank is now disputing the charges with their company. I would not recommend ordering anything from them, unless you want to be out your hard earned money! Hopefully my bank is able to obtain my refund from this scam of a company!

1033 North Shortridge Rd Indianapolis, Indiana USA

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By Tucker

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