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I’m finally getting to telling my story. When I was 28weeks pregnant my bf who works out of town in Lansdale, Pa worked two/five days due to me having gall bladder surgery and him helping me recover. They closed down the site one day due to snow and he was walking aimlessly in the hotel. Well this women was also doing the same and he asked her if she needed help. She said she was bored and wanted to get out of the hotel. My bf offered to take her for a ride. They went for a ride. The truck has my hair ties in it, stuff I’ve given him and so forth. Not sure if they ever talked about it or he lied to her. They came back got ready and went for drinks at the hotel bar. My bf was and could still possibly be an alcoholic and drinks so much and doesn’t have a clue what’s going on. That night they slept together in her hotel room. The next day he had come home. He was extremely mean to me for 7weeks and I couldn’t understand why. I thought maybe he was cheating cuz his bar bills were too high. I had no proof no cell phone records, he always answered my calls/texts even at 4am. Well I had come to find he was using his shitty work flip phone to talk to her. They saw each other every other week when she was there. About 3 weeks in she found out about me and threatened him to tell me if he didn’t see her. Her tried avoiding her for the last 4weeks. || On April 28th my sister got a message off Facebook saying it was very important I contact her. Her being from Delaware I had no clue who she was. I got two long messages from her on Facebook. I come to find my bf broke it off and she was pissed. I called her and she told me everything. She acted as she was the victim. She said she wanted to spend her life with him. My bf had no interest and she didn’t like that. She texted me for days just telling me stuff. I eventually flipped out and she stopped. I debated on whether to stay with my bf. We now have 5 children together (2his, 2mine, 1ours). I became dehydrated and almost had my baby a month early. I debated and debated about staying. I decided I wouldn’t ruin the kids lives because of this. I told him he needed to change and I probably wouldn’t be the same for a long time. He stopped drinking, stopped being mean, and became the man I used to know. The ow texts me all the time asking when my baby is due and how life is. I ignore her and had to block her on all social media due to her stalking me. My bf and I have been great just like before and just welcomed our sweet girl into this world. I’m still very suspicious and untrusting but I hope it gets better. Why do I have to love this man so much? I have never dealt with anything before and I told him if I even suspect something his clothes will be set on fire and he will have custody papers in his lap. I know he loves me but why do men cheat so often??? I wish I could read his mind but for now I am just living day by day!!!!

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