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Complaint: On December 30, 2014, I had Lumbar Lamunectomyon on the left side of my spine. I was told prior to surgery that I would have the surgery and stay one night in the hospital. I woke up in the recovery room around 5:00 p.m. and Dr. Mark Spicer who did the surgery asked how I was feeling and I told him I was very groggy but could not feel any pain. He asked if I would like to go home then; I said no, I need to stay the night as I do not feel I would have the proper care at home and also I had 2 dogs who jump on me which would not be good. He asked my husband who was there now if he would be at home and he said he would. Note-my husband is 85 years old and deaf, he could not hear me if I were to call out in pain. My grandson was also there to fetch things for me during the day but also uncapable as a caregiver. Dr. Spicer said, well I am sending you home now. I was schocked that he was not going to let me stay the night right after surgery as was to be the case presented to me when I signed up for the surgery. He gave me a prescription for pain pills but it was too late to get them filled at the local phamarcy so I had no pain pills until the next morning. When I woke up from a very restless night and tried to get out of bed, my legs would not support me. Eventually the left leg worked but the right leg was swollen and I could not stand on it. I did get a walker from my neighbor which I was able to use with my left leg. When I called Dr. Spicer’s office on January 2nd, all I got was a recording about the staff being in a meeting to call back in an hour. I kept calling back and getting the same recording. Finally at 3:00 that day, I told my husband to drive me over to the emergency room as I needed to see a doctor. We got to the emergency room at 4:00 p.m. and at 10:00 p.m. they did a cat scan but made me wait for another hour before they could get a copy. I did get to see the doctor at about 10;45 p.m. and he said the sciatica nerve in my right leg was causing the pain but the cat scan could not show anything wrong with the surgery. My instructions were that I was not to sit for more than 20 to 30 minutes at a time after suurgery. I sat in the emergency room for 6 hours. When they take you out of the waiting room into what is supposed to be a private area, they sat me on a folding chair next to many others with just a small curtain between. I could hear evrything that others said about their condition. I was never taken to a bed except for the Cat Scan. The doctor who saw me in the emergency room said the pain pills Dr. Spicer gave me were not strong enough (Hydocodone), so he gave me a prescription for oxocodone. The pain was so bad the next day from sitting 6 hours that I needed the oxocodone. I am thoroughly disappointed with Dr. Sicer and Loma Linda University and am telling others to never go there for anything.

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