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In April I picked up my car in Newark at Wally Park. Paint was missing in two spots from my car. I filled out a report. | I had to call a number of times to get someone to pull report and update status, which was not what I wanted to hear. I offered to sue and two days later Carl Calhoun called and wrote to me. | Call stated they were derlict at their jobs for not doing a report on any prior damage when I dropped the car off. | Then I called the claims adjustor Steve Astor who is never in. he was not paying and then Carl emailed on how they were not the ones who damaged the car. | I went to L&R the corporate headquarters and left messages for a woman who it tunrned out no longer worked there. Why didn’t the operator tell me this. | Finally, this VP named Kevin Litwin said he was going to pay and was getting ready for his honeymoon. We agreed on $1500 since I already filed a law suit in Supreme Court. | Today I received a check for $600, and this did not cover the filing of the law suit, processor server, and any other charges. | It seems from all these complaiunts against Maarco, they have a bad habit of insuring schmucks at parking lots who cannot drive and then try to rip people off and not pay. | I SUGGEST YOU TAKE THE TIME TO SUE ALL COMPANIES AND TEACH THEM A LESSON. YOU CAN ASK FOR OUT-OF-POCKER EXPENSES AND TIME FROM WORK OR FAMILY. | WE ALL NEED TO START TEACHING COMPANIES AND LIARS A LESSON SO PASS THE WORD AROUND.


  • Name: Maarco & Associates Inc
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Canoga Park
  • Address: 7124 Owensmouth Ave # 210
  • Phone: 1 818-999-3860
  • Website:

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