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I bought a $1000 mattress and was told by the sales person that we did not have to buy the matching box springs for the warranty to be effective. After delivery, we noticed the mattress was sagging and notified the store. We were told that since we did not purchase additional fabric protection ($85) for the mattress; it was in the hands of the manufacturer. nWe were asked to fill out an 11 page form to request a warranty claim. We sent the forms to Matress Giant as they requested. After all that, they said that the manufacturer (Kingsdown ) did require that we use their boxsprings so we had no warranty. nI have tried contacted customer service and talked to Cheryl Dunnan several times. Each time, I have been told that someone would follow up and contact me (never happened). Furthermore, she was unable to remember any information from the 3 earlier converations only after I told her that she was contradicting information she had given me in previous calls. Since I don’t have the conversations from the sales man(who lied) and the customer service rep (who has no memory)recorded; I am screwed. nBasically I have been told that no one is responsible for the defective mattress and I am SOL. I’ve been bamboozled out of my hard earned money. If you are going to buy a mattress there, take a tape recorder. You will need it in court. nPatricianGrand Prairie, TexasU.S.A.

Grand Prairie, Texas U.S.A.


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