Complaint: Melinda P Krejci aka Mindy Krejci and Barbara Treadmill Krejci, her mother has attacked our company, falsely accusing American Cosigners as Fraud, Scam, and Thievery. Claiming that Company owes money in amount of $2,296. Neither party had a signed direct contract with American Cosigners Corporation. Melinda P Krejci contacted American Cosigners and spoke with a leasing consultant named aka Mia Sanders, who sent her a rental application to obtain cosigning services through one of our corporate partnerships. Melinda Krejci paid her money to one of their cosigning companies separate from American Cosigners for services. The corporate rental application was submitted for her move in, to a community located in Los Angeles, however Melinda P Krejci violated the cosigning contract, and begun to contact the apartment community, and their corporate office to complain about the leasing office not answering their phones when she called concerning the apartment. Due to the complaint made to the Regional Vice President of community corporate office, by Melinda Krejci, the Regional Vice President declined the corporate rental application, stating Melinda P Krejci would be an undesirable tenant. Melinda P Krejci, decided to select another apartment community for her move in. But phoned American Cosigners two weeks later, stating she had no friends from Washington to move her to California, and requested a refund from American Cosigners. American Cosigners leasing agent, Lisa Rossi, explained to Melinda P Krejci, her refund need to come back from the Corporation, that she paid her cosigning fee. Melinda was forward the proper email address concerning her refund. After two days from forwarding the email address. Melinda emailed American Cosigners falsely accusing companies as being a fraud, thief and a scam company. Melinda P Krejci begun to call American Cosigners, excessively, American Cosigners received 200 calls a day, more than 75 text messages daily for several months, staff, independent contractors as well as the managing partner received excessive phone calls, text messages, from Melinda P Krejci, family, acquaintances with threats, stating they will come after the executive of American Cosigners to take her personal possessions and to murder her family, unless Melinda P Krejci receives her Refund she will be un protected. Melinda P Krejci, called back and spoke to aka Lisa Rossi, falsely accusing her of being an accomplice to steaking her money in amount of $2,296, falsely accusing Lisa Rossi, of being in fear of her manager, and commanding to speak to her manager, of American Cosigners. The Executive of American Cosigners returned Melinda P Krejci phone call, on the call Melinda P Krejci be friend her, stating the reason why she was so anxious for obtaining her refund, is was because she was not working, and her parents paid her rent, and decided they would no longer pay her rent for the first of the month. Melinda Krejci went on to say, her parents finally paid her rent in her apartment and she was ok waiting for her refund. Melinda P Krejci, befriend the Executive by phone, and begun to speak about her boyfriend who was involved in the occult and died of a painful death. Ms Krejci went on to say, that she took care of her boyfriend during his sickness, but parents were against her taking care of him. Melinda Krejci begin asking the Executive personal and business questions concerning her career path and complemented her concerning. The executive thought perhaps there was a mis understanding between Melinda Krejci and American Cosigners and offered to pay the refund to Melinda P Krejci and obtaining a reimbursement from the corporation which Melinda has paid. The Next following Day, Melinda P Krejci begun writing on social media and online bad remarks against the Executive of American Cosigners and all affiliated companies associated, Melinda Krejci even have spoken false accusation of other companies who was not affiliated with American Cosigners. The Executive and other Staff members conducted online research of the remarks made by Melinda P Krejci and noticed she has been writing negativity, false accusation about the Executive of American Cosigners since 2016, two years prior of her contacting American Cosigners for services. At that time, the Executive realized Melinda P Krejci came into the company under false pretense to target her personally, using her refund as an excuse to right garbage online. Melinda P Krejci, visited the Facebook of the executive under her personal page of a Christian Ministry. And became angry of the christian education spoken, and begin to target, and write fraudulent remarks on more than 4000 photos listed in Facebook, and illegally uploading personal photos about the executive to her personal blog pages, scam alert pages of Facebook and pages of social media. Melinda P Krejci, went on to target with written fraudulent accusations every company associated with the Executive from 25 years of her life. Melinda P Krejci also called the executive on her personal phone, stating she will make sure that the executive never makes any money again in her life, which is malice intent. American Cosigners Corporation has filed a Civil Suit against Melinda P Krejci and Barbara Krejci for $15 Million, for Defamation, Libel, Slander, Malice intention and Emotional Distress.

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Address: 4023 King Drive West Richland, Washington United States


Phone: (509) 212-7373


  • This whole complaint is all lies. I’m Melinda P. Krejci and the person who wrote this is Randi Dorante, original name Latonya Fairly, according to her family. Go to Facebook page “Scam Company American Cosigners Exposed” for the truth about Scammer Randi Dorante, her fake companies, all the victims she’s scammed, her photos, her voice, her fake Social Numbers, her aliases, places she’s lived, and police and court records. She’s been antagonizing me since July 2017. She stopped for a year and a half but obviously just started up again. I pray for her soul.

By Tucker

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