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I am a manager at Salt Lake Valley Habitat for Humanity. On 03/31/17, one of our home owner selectees locked her keys in her car. She had no spare at home or on her, and she could not afford to pay for the unlock service. Wanting to take care of our homeowners, I said we’d gladly help her. I just happened to call ND Professional Locksmith. On the phone I was quoted $20.00 for the call, and that the service could be up to another $25.00 depending on what tools were needed to unlock a 2002 Hyundai Elantra. Final Bill: $150.00!!! I told the guy that wasn’t what I was led to believe on the phone call. Not having any choice, I paid hard earned charity money to help out a wonderful lady. The kid that unlocked the door just smiled and gave me an insincere, “sorry”, and left merrily on his way. Upon trying to find the cryptic web address for this company, I saw a report from KSL news, that addressed the growing newest scam . . . Lockpicking! Folks, do yourselves a favor and stay away from this con artist outfit. They are opportunistic thieves of the lowest order, taking advantage of people who need help.


  • Name: ND Professional Garage
  • Country: United States
  • State: Utah
  • City: West Valley
  • Address: 3646 S Redwood Rd
  • Phone: (801) 512-3131
  • Website: ndprogarage.com/

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