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Complaint: my kids most of them are now grown up with families of their own and I still havent gotten any positive response to my inquiries,but dal with it too bad suffer!!What does an veteran have to do to get his rights that he fought for and that every American citizen was garenteed by the Constitution of These United States and Emncipation Proclimation!! I am now about to loose my Fiancee my happiness my life and desire to live! I need help to recitfy and correct this problem! I am paying support to a dead woman of which makes no sense to me or anyone else.I was incarcerated in December of 2000 for 32 dysfor paying support and wasnt read myrights or allowed to make a phone call!!! Since when is support to tare apart the family stucture and not help it to thrive? It just makes no sense how can our Country treat people this way? I cant get a vehicle to get to work,py for t gas or even count on rides to get there my Job is in serious jeapordy and my livelihood is just about gone. The American Dream for me has gone and left,there is no light in the nd of the tunnel just existance is all I have left!! I make 183 a wek when support takes 400 a week for people who arent doing right lying to the courts and system to make ther livs thrive!!!My two younget children wer kidnaped in 2005 and I have only got to ee them once when y Mother died in 2008 I have been threatned that all my belongings and assets were going to be consficated if I didnt pay everything up now.I dont have anything since I had to sell everything I own judt to survive these past few months I am afraid that I will be arrested on my job site and thrown in jail becaue people keep lying on me ortelling things that arent true to make hem look so much better My problem is this.. The New York State Child Support Enforcement Unit has just about raked me over the coals and have made my life a living hell!! For the past 19 years child support has taken 55 percent of my pay plus 50 dollars per account twards my arrears and for some reason my support hasnt stopped or gone down as it should have. They have taken every federal and state income tax owed to me since 1994! I have been jailed for paying support for 32 days without any rights given to a criminal. My two youngest children have been taken from me Illegally in 2005 and my rights as a father dont mean a thing to New York State I haven seen my kids but 1 time in those years due to my Mothers death! My nerves are shot my health failing and my pride has been taken from me being financially and emotionally in ruin due to the Support unit threatenig my freedom my job and livlihood. Since when does it cost 50thousand to raise a child a year? I dont live in New York City!! I am on the verge of loosing everyhing dear to me,my fiancee,my job and the pride that I used to have has all but gone away for me as I am now 51 and dont have alot of years left to live. I dont have a liscense to drive no car and barely can get gas money to even get to work .It isAmazing how New York can be so mean and incosiderate twards mankind and not even care for their needs or the Families needs. what can I do when I am kept so brokeI cant even afford an attorney to fight thes people!!!

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Phone: 7166618200

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