I contacted Adam Dicker, owner of This company was advertised on some reputable blogs. He stated he would build 115 websites through his business for a total of $28,500.00. He showed us example sites to demonstrate the quality. We agreed to this and paid him the money. | The original websites Adam built for us (,) was not the quality we expected or as shown to us in the examples. He promised us this would all be corrected. There were mispellings, duplicate content, broken links, wrong title names used and many other errors. After asking numerous times for these to be corrected and being promised they would, but this not happening, I had to hire my own developer to correct many of these mistakes. Also, Adam Dicker stated he was hosting the websites on his own server as part of the service. Anytime I checked the websites, they were down and the page would say “account suspended”. I would attempt to contact Adam but could not reach him. Sometimes the sites would be put back up for a few days and sometimes they would not. | Realizing that Adam would not keep the server account online consistently, I requested the sites be transferred to my own hosting account. He told me he no longer had any of these sites and had transferred them to me. I verified with hostgator that the sites were still on Adam Dicker’s account. He then admitted he had deleted the sites and would have to rebuild them. He promised this would happen in a 2 week time frame. | This has not happened. We have requested many times that since we have no websites, he refund our money. He has not and still has not delivered any of the websites. His overseas developer has even contacted us saying that Adam has not paid him since November 2015 and wants to know if we will pay him to build out the sites for us(which we had already paid Adam for). | Now Adam Dicker will not respond to any of my attempts to contact him nor will This is a warning to anyone thinking of doing business with either Adam Dicker personally or


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By Tucker

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