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Raw Forex Review: A RawForex Offshore Broker Warning


Share This! A few users are going nuts with Raw Forex ( hence this upfront review. After receiving complaints from users who claim the vendor is a scam artist, we had to dig deeper. What we found out is a platform that has no information on what exactly they offer. All they want from users is to sign up and start trading with their platform. Raw Forex is an indicator and signal...

MyForexVPS Review: Another Copied VPS Provider


Share This! MyForexVPS ( review is out after complaints that this is an exact copy of another VPS provider. After looking at and, we could see the resemblance. Users should note that their original website went under the domain Although the other websites are not the same in terms of appearance, the features do. And this was a good...

Cash Back Forex Review: Is Legit


Share This! Earn cash back at your favorite broker is the tagline for this rebate program. Cash Back Forex ( is the basis of our review for today. CBF is long-standing in the eyes of many traders. With this program, CashBackForex is giving users a little money back with each placed trade. This is one of the most versatile and well-known rebate programs for those who are new to...

PaybackFX Review: Are Rebates worthy?


Share This! A new rebate program developed by myfxbook is here for us to check out. PaybackFX ( review is out after the developers claimed that this is the best rebate program. The purpose of developing this platform is to give traders a break on commissions paid to brokers. To start the process, traders have to sign up with an affiliate broker using a referral link. By doing so...

AKA ANRIA OR ANRIA INC – Preliminary Investigation into alleged misconduct


Due to the serious nature of allegations against AKA ANRIA OR ANRIA INC, has temporarily /redacted/restricted or removed the article and has asked the user to re-submit a more detailed report, backed with more substantial evidence(s). We understand that the user has initiated a collaboration campaign to investigate, research, interview, gather evidence, and compile a comprehensive...

Archdiocese Review


I think something as outrageous as this requires a measure of moral courage on the part of the city of Oklahoma City,” Coakley wrote on July 8. “I am disappointed the city would be unwilling to risk the expense of a lawsuit to prevent such an offensive outrage to so many of its citizens.” “I cannot recommend that the city take any action that would violate the Constitution and involve the city in...

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