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Alexi cruz Cheater since 2004


Este hombre dureno de pontiac .animal me a pagado mal con todas. De Pontiac . detroit. North carolina. Huston. Mexico. Hondras. Y no le importa nada. Le gusta a drogar . y abusar. Ninas hovenes. Las recojen en. Tiendas latinas. Y discos latinos. Es malo . lo ase por adiction al sexo.

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Lindelle Studio


Lindelle Studio Review I had a poor experience with Lindelle studio. I have also had a horrible experience with the company that apparently bought lindelle. They are an awful company to deal with. My pictures were mediocre and less than average at best. TO make matters worse they were all the same poses. I look […]

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Labor Compliance Office


Labor Compliance Office Notice Los Angeles California!! I got this crazy notice in the mail demanding payment for $275 from my corporation. Fortunately, I’m a lawyer and I decided to read it thoroughly. It was odd to me that it claimed to be from a government agency, but there’s no telephone number, email address or […] View the Scam Report for Labor Compliance Office on YSCAM...

Sinead Candice mutasa, United Kingdom


Sinead Candice mutasa, United Kingdom – Sinead Candice mutasa of Banbury Oxfordshire is married and the serial cheat, She operates on a dating site called Badoo where she picks up guys, telling them she’s single, she has slept with her friends husband’s her friends boyfriends her son’s friends and even her daughters baby father she […] View the Scam Report for...

Infinity Moving and Storage


Infinity Moving and Storage Infinity Movers, Infinity Moving and Storage Inc. (Based in NYC, usually listed as the Bronx, but have two addresses listed on the web) Manipulative, Dishonest and Unprofessional Internet!! My partner and I had a terrible experience with Infinity Moving and Storage. These people were dishonest, manipulative and negligent. They underquoted us […] View the Scam...

Tezos Review


Tezos Investors shouldn’t have trusted Tezos so much. People fell on promises and false hopes. As you know, the company gathered $232 million, but everything went wrong and now they have to give all the money back to investors. Despite such a big fail and bad reputation, they launched a similar project again with some […]

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West Coast Escrow, West Coast Realty, Basilisa Guzman Holding my deposit. Have tried to reach out – phone is dead. 444 Ocean Blvd.Suite 800 Long Beach CA 90802 California!!. West Coast Realty had an MLS listing of a short sale/foreclosure. Went to their open house. Offer was accepted by realtor/seller. Realtor required a deposit for […]

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Miriah Montana Milner – Grants Pass, Oregon


So, there are two sides to every story. There’s her side, and there’s the truth. Miriah homewrecked Tristans first marriage. It all started when Tristan started talking to Amber on Facebook October 2016. He would complain how miserable he was in his relationship. How badly he wanted to be set free from his gf Miriah. […] View the Scam Report for Miriah Montana Milner - Grants...

Amber Rae Swanger – Raleigh, North Carolina


Amber Rae Swanger plays world of war craft and she’s been talking to my husband chris for about 8 months . They met online she’s always messaging him and venting to him and what not and my husband told me there’s nothing going on between them. But I don’t believe him because I read their […] View the Scam Report for Amber Rae Swanger - Raleigh, North Carolina on...

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