HI there iam filing this complaint because I was scam in trading investment…the person in the live chat from told me to contact a person name Williams or Sarah with their phone number so contact Williams by whatsapp tel:+12103196435 but since I report this business to whatsapp he open another one +16072586304 I sent him buy wire transfer $1000 when the trade reach 21days I try to withdraw money $8600 I paid a fees $1555 now he’s asking about tax fees $650 witch I didn’t sent because iam suspicious now their email is : [email protected] he sent me a New York License certificate Number 1908679 Account number : 329919 Financial services commission License : C113012569 Code: SEC-2.8 New York license international Financial services commission N: IFSC/60/271/TS/16 Sectional Address :3368 Felosa San angelo on the website the Address is : 3797 OAKMOUND DRIVE, NY 42321 he’s email :[email protected]

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By Tucker

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