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BEWARE! I recently tried to buy a $219 Tumi bag from Peach Direct, and Peach Direct tried to charge me $219 for SHIPPING, for a total of $438! nTo put it in context, no other piece of luxury luggage or designer handbag on the whole site ships for more than $49 – not even a $2800 Prada bag. Also, ALL other Tumi products ship for $29. nI twice pointed out this mistake to their phone support (the surly supervisor wouldn’t even come to the phone, and denied that this is even an error); once to their online help department. I never heard back from them, and they never fixed the shipping in their database. Charging $219 for shipping on a $219, one-pound, USA-based item is CLEARLY a typo! Who would pay DOUBLE for shipping, even if it’s insured? It’d be like paying $17,000 EXTRA for a $17,000 car! nI, luckily, was able to cancel my order, and had the charge expunged…but I wouldn’t feel right unless I warned others about the ultimately shady company that is Peach Direct…want to see this Rip-Off for yourself? On their site, check out their item #16479, and hit BUY, you’ll see the price doubled, still uncorrected after two months. Still need proof? Read one of the other DOZENS of complaints about them below, and find another place to spend your money! nSnCleveland, OhioU.S.A.

11870 Santa Monica Blvd, Suite 106-736 Los Angeles, California U.S.A.


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