Peter McMahon

P is an known conartist he has tons of pages on facebook as well as a fake production company. He asks models to send him money through Western Union and tons of pictures with promises of fame and fortune and then sexually harasses and then threatens and slanders. He has hurt so many models as […]

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    • I genuinely mean that if you guys need any evidence to make sure you put that guy in prison for a very long time I hold a ton of it. Please feel free to contact me at 702-265-5839. In my opinion I think Mark Zuckerberg should also be sued for allowing it to go on for as long as he f****** did because those groups are reported hundreds to thousands of times with ample proof to prove he was using them as scams and sex trafficking and other criminal activities Mark should be held accountable for it just as much as Peter should and the multitude of others that are involved in it. It doesn’t end with Peter.

      • This piece of shit scammed me in 2010 .. I spent 8 months in New York with him after he’d hidden my passport so I couldn’t return back to England, he rinsed me financially and assaulted me .. I was terrified of him but managed to escape from him by running to a police station in Brooklyn and managed to get my family to get me a ticket back to UK, he is an evil piece of shit and I lost everything via him and his pathological lies..

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