Priceless / am pm car rebtal Review


Priceless Car LAX rental company advertises on kayak etc showing low rates with pics of car stating unlimited mileage (no asterisk), and other perks.You may prepay online at a discount or pay more in person. Upon arrival at priceless which is in the small exit of the elevator room upon exit to parking garage. Inside the bldg there is signage stating vehicle may only be driven in CA, AZ & NV. Also if you do not have airline travel tickets, you will be considered “local” and have 10 free miles per day and a charge of .** cents per mile thereafter. It is possible to purchase unlimited mileage??. So much for unlimited? I had an out of state license didn’t matter, had prepaid and didn’t want to lose my investment so I paid $*** more to have the unlimited. It will be pointed out to you under policies and conditions that it is stated. However, it is not stated on their app or national info.. Had there been an asterisk after unlimited mileage, then one wouldlook for terms or conditions of the policy.The car rented was dirty and in poor condition and the engine light came on a few days later. And truthfully I was afraid of it not starting up and getting stranded the whole time I had it. However, I couldn’t cancel because I knew I’d never get a refund.Following the initial inspection I was told to return it clean. ??? I did. Which made me find more filth in the car such as sand and spilled food product in rear seats.Renting the car even with your own full coverage insurance is like pledging your first born, a current proof of insurance card is not enough. They want a full print out of coverage. If you prepay with a debit online they will require a credit card to hold deposit of $200.I wish I would have gone with a big name rental company. The process and my peace of mind for the entire time of my trip would have been priceless. I cannot believe they are allowed to promote on the big car rental comparison sites. A bait and switch operation looking to nickel and dime with no real service. BEWARE.I wish I had read all their reviews on Yelp before I booked. Trust me they’re spot on.Also when I looked to complain to and look up the entity with Secretary of State …. was not to be found. Which I find very strange for a legit business. They run under two names ampm car rental and priceless.

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By Tucker

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