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Complaint: To whom this may concern, My name is Yana and I am urging you NOT to support Brittany Nicole Coleman from Purrada Exotix Cattery due to her Theft and Fraud against me. I owned Contessa Bengals for many years and (thought I) knew Brittany Coleman from Purrada Exotix Cattery in British Colombia, Canada. I sent her a male cat for breeding purposes in 2014 in advance of payment. I was told multiple times that Brittany would pay me the balance ($3000) in full before Christmas of 2014. That did not happen. She said that her boyfriendu2019s friend broke into her home and stole all her kittens, which in the sale of them she was suppose to pay me. Needless to say she didnu2019t. However, I gave her the benefit of the doubt and she assured me she would start making payments to me for the male I sent her. She sent me one $400 payment and that was it. She couldnu2019t u2018affordu2019 to send me anymore payments. So I waited patiently. Summer of 2015 rolled around and I asked Brittany if she would like to take a female I had who was bred and we would figure out the details afterwards. She was more than delighted to take her. After the birth of 4 kittens she tried very hard to get the blue-slip paperwork from TICA. I told her u201cNo, not until I receive my payments.u201d She tried very hard to get the blue-slips off of me but I knew something else was up. You see, once she gets the paperwork from me, thereu2019s no reason for her to pay me the debt she owes me. I am still the legal owner of both cats and all the kittens. We decided on a contract which I wrote up and we both signed. We agreed she would start making payments on December 1st 2015 in 4 separate transactions through email money transfer and then I would send her the paperwork via email and post once I could access the payment. One week before she was to make the payments she went M.I.A. I couldnu2019t get a hold of her at all. I tried everything. Email, calls, messages on social media. Nothing seemed to work until December 1st rolled around and she finally contacted me and told me why she didnu2019t u2018feelu2019 she had to pay me. Made up a whole bunch of stories to defend her reasoning behind not paying me the debt she owes me. *If you know anyone who has purchased a cat from Brittany Coleman in the last 6 months please BEWARE! You are in POSESSION OF STOLEN PROPERTY and are at risk of legal issues. I am currently in the process of filing a law-suit against her for her deception! Any help from the public would be greatly appreciated. If you have received any paperwork within the last 6 months you MAY have falsified documentation registered by Brittany Coleman from TICA! You are asked to contact TICA Regional Director Francine Hicks to validate the paperwork. You can contact me at any time at [email protected] to report any information you may feel is helpful in my case against Brittany Coleman of Purrada Exotix.

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Address: 32228 Autumn Ave Abbotsford, British Columbia Canada

Website: www.facebook.com/purradaexotixcattery

Phone: (604) 626-8749

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